Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Modelling, Modelling, Modelling

So we've been busy modelling a lot lately.We decided that we were all going to make a house each to fill our street, and then make additional props and items to put inside or environment.

 This is my basic house. I only did two levels to add a bit of variety to our street, I did a simple design which should help texturing. It should also help me to practice texturing seeing as I've never done it before.

 This is the wheel barrow that the Rat runs through at the beginning of our sequence. This took me a while to model as there were many different versions of wooden wheelbarrows, but in the end I settled for this design as I found more reference images on it to help me make it.

 A simple barrel I made to put in our street so that it didnt look too bare.

This the frame of my market stall before I put the canvas top on. I ended up adding two extra bars so the nCloth sat on it properly. I got reference for this stall from a few images I'd seen and from Fable 3.

 Two veiws of my textured stall, with nCloth banner. I ended up constraining the cloth of the wooden frame, so that it didn't fall off.

I did a little test render of my market stall, after me testing some textures. It came out better than I expected, especially the cloth.

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