Monday, 29 November 2010

Epic Rat

We decided in the end that we were going to animate from a rats point of view. So we would be looking through his eyes at his view of the street.

Dominique did a storyboard which can be found at

With us animating from the rats P.O.V theres a chance we would see his front legs and nose whilst he was walking and running about.

This concept can be seen in the game Mirrors Edge, it is played in first person, the main character, Faith, runs from building to building. we see her arms and legs wen she runs.

The rat is also very small so everything will be bigger to him, a few games have tried this theme, like in Zelda and the Minish Cap, but also I remember a section in a game called OKAMI. Where the main character, Amaterasu, gets "hammered" and shrunk to help save the emperor in the Imperial palace.

Finally whilst talking about our rat climbing and jumping around I couldnt help but think about Assassins Creed. Its got nothing to do with me currently playing Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. Honest ^_^

ahem...anyway, so yeh Assassins Creed came to mind with all the parkour and jumping about the buldings, which was out initial idea.

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