Monday, 10 January 2011

More texturing

here are some quick un-rendered screen shots of my textured objects. I was very pleased with how the barrel came out. The rusted metal rings came out a lot better than I had expected.

Mt textured wheel barrow, I think I did about 3 of these until I found a texture that was good enough, I'm rather pleased with my wheel barrow too me far too long to texture then I had to test all the textures and found them not to be good enough, I finally settled on this one.

This is the fully textured un-rendered house I made, I did the chimney and the house separately to make it easier to texture, I really like the window texture I found, seeing as we arent going to see inside this house I just found a dirty window texture you go on the windows.

This is a rendered image of my house to test the bump map and diffuse map. Unfortunately my Mental Ray decided to be stupid and not work so I rendered this using the Maya software. I'll try and get my mental ray working again hopefully and I can get a better picture up.

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