Monday, 10 January 2011

Texturing, Texturing,Texturing

Here are the textures for the files

This is my barrel UV map I made, I found a really good wooden plank file on Google so I didn't change it much I just tiled it a bit so that it was longer and would rap around the barrel. The rusted metal I found a rather small texture then had to make it longer in Photoshop and make it so that it would tile and you didn't see a seam.
This is the chimney UV map I used the same texture that I did for the roof, I just changed the colour of it to give a little variety to the roof so it wasn't all one colour.

This is the UV map for the house. It too aaaaaaaaaaages to colour, I had must have found the smallest wood texture ever! I had to make sure the wood grain was going the right way then there were loads of gaps. Thus was just a pain in the arse to texture and I spent most of one day doing it. it doesn't even look like it would take that long! But it did!
This is the UV map for the wheel barrow, this is the third wood texture I used for it. This wood I was most happy with because the resolution was high enough that it didn't stretch when I applied the texture.

This is the wheel texture for the wheelbarrow, I made it separate from the wheelbarrow its self to help with animating.

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